About Us:

Lily, Serge and Erin of B Headed


I’m a sucker for a good bargain. I love digging through mountainous piles and finding the gems amongst the junk. I love Silver, natural stones, vintage Indian gauze dresses, florals. Sadly, I’ve never owned a pair of Converse or Doc Martens in my life. But that may change…


I am Serge. Full time creative junkie, music worshiper and appreciator of expressing and channeling personality with some type of fashion sense. I stepped foot into the Barneys men’s department when I was 12 and have never looked back, or should I say further?  Avid travel, enjoy going on adventures with my best friend Lily, like discovering hidden vintage heavens in Ibiza or stepping inside Colette in Paris. I have given up refined sugars and have found new life in low calorie healthy snacks in hopes of letting my abs come out?! Self proclaimed deals guru, I believe in turning every nook and cranny to find something special and reinvent something someone else could no longer find use for. I have a passion for interiors and could read every Australian interior design publication twice.

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