Megalyn Echikunwoke is currently starring in a hilariously dark indy comedy called, Damsels in Distress, which is in theaters now. Next you will be able to see her in the up coming Die Hard 5 opposite Bruce Willis. Until then, try to catch her singing live around L.A. with her band, Knocked Up Kids! I was lucky enough to be at a party last week where they performed, and the music was so fun! I highly recommend tracking down the next show.

1. Do you have anything in your purse that you absolutely can’t leave your house without (besides your wallet)?
My Jurlique rose hand cream. It has changed my hands.

2. Which items in your closet can you not live without?
Little black moto jacket, Mike & Chris canvas leather army jacket, & ballet flats.

3. Sweetest or most sentimental gift a boy friend gave you?
He wrote and recorded a love song about how he hated to be apart.

4. When you glam up, how do do your makeup?
Lot’s of lashes, high lighter on my cheeks and brow, and dark vampy lips.

5. What beauty products do you use?
I keep it simple for my super sensitive skin. I actually use baby products. My fave right now is California Baby.

6. What do you like most about L.A.?
I love how you can be transported totally and completely to a new culture just by walking a few blocks… Like when you go from Hancock park to Korea Town. It’s incredible. And obvi, the coast.

7. Where was your favorite vacation?
For straight lounging I like the Carribean. For adventure, I love Cuba though also in the Carribean. Or Spain, like Barcelona.

8. What City/Country is at the top of your list to visit one day?
I’m dying to go to Iceland for the thermal baths. Or Tanzania to see Kilimanjaro. Maybe even hike that sucker!

9. Cowboys or Indians?

10. Lingerie or Naked?

11. Where do you like to go dancing?
Naked in front of my dressing mirror.

12. What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?
Lot’s of good lovin.


Photography by Lily Flores

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  1. Love Love Love that ball gown shot in the bathroom.

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