Kojii is an actress, singer, and model from Ireland. She is married to fine art photographer, Cyril Helnwein, and lives with he and their two beautiful daughters, Croí Sequoia (6), and Eala Cheyenne (1). The Helnwein’s split their time between Los Angeles and their family’s beautiful castle in Ireland.

1. Which fashion Icon would you like to dress like?
I’ve never been much good at idolizing fashion icons or celebrities for the sheer fact that I’m hopeless at remembering names. So it’s safe to say that I’ll pick an era and run with it until I get bored. Maybe next week I’ll revert back to my punk rocker biker chick style.

2. Whose closet would you like to raid (man or women)?
If I were to choose someone currently living I could see myself raiding Kate Moss’ closet or the closet/store racks of Melissa Stone Courtney, the owner of may favorite store Mama Stone Vintage.

3. Favorite accessory?
I recently bought two vintage rings from the 70s on Etsy.com. One is a Goat and the other is a Ram.
I bought these to pay homage to my little family. My husband and baby girl are both Aries and my eldest daughter and I are both Capricorns. That’s two stubborn rams and two stubborn goats butting heads in one loft. I was hunting for some taxidermy rams and goats for our wall and discovered these rings, which I am wearing to death.

4. Favorite local hang out spots in Los Angeles?
Bar 107 on 4th and Main in DTLA for some cheap dive bar drinks and a dance when I can.
Elysian Park for family time under the trees.
One Eyed Gypsy on 1st St in DTLA to see some live music.
Tony’s Saloon on 7th ST in DTLA for Ping Pong and awesome Pizza from Pizzanista.
Cosmos on 1st St in Little Tokyo for Japanese karaoke.

5. What trend would you never be caught wearing?
You’d have to pay me a hell of a lot of money to wear a mini skirt, belly top and strappy sandals that reveal an unhealthy looking orange glow from fake tanning.

6. Favorite items in your closet at the moment?
I love this piece of vintage black lace fabric that I found at St Vincent De Paul’s for $2. I’ve managed to drape it at least 6 different ways on myself with the help of some safety pins and quirky belts. I’m afraid to make it into one specific item of clothing, as I love the versatility.

7. Who or what influences you in your fashion or style?
My style changes daily depending on my mood but it is always a little bit rock ‘n roll.

Since having kids my style has become more earthy and bohemian by day and gets more sexy for the evening. All my shirts have to be button down, off the shoulder or stretchy while I’m still nursing my baby girl. We’re calling that style “Boobtastic” in our house.

I’m hugely influenced by the music of the 60s and 70s. Music like Led Zepplin, The Doors, Silverhead, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Faces and T.Rex are never far from my sound system or my wardrobe.

8. In what do you feel most glamorous?
I recently bought a 1970s orange, ankle length dress for my husband’s Birthday party at PopKiller. I paired it with some tan studded heels and vintage bracelets. I’m new to wearing colour so was insanely nervous about wearing it but after the sweet compliments I received from our guests I felt amazing in the dress and will definitely venture out into wearing bright colours more often.

9. Favorite movies?
Oh wow! There are so many movies that I love. I’ll list just a few that spring to mind. The Fall, Labyrinth, Withnail & I, Lost Boys, Pan’s Labyrinth, Delicatessan, Requiem for a Dream, Children of Men, Soylent Green, 1984, Old Boy, Blade Runner, Kenneth Anger’s Rabbit Moon, Kids.

10. What beauty products do you use?
I try my best to avoid as many chemicals as I can so I can live a toxic free life with my family. I apply this to my beauty AND cleaning products.
My mum is a Holistic Healer so when I was growing up I learned a lot from her about how to make my own beauty products. I use essential oils and natural ingredients from my kitchen to make whatever I need. Oatmeal Facial Scrubs, Cocoa Body Scrubs, Olive/Avocado oil and Lavender Body oils, make up remover with jojoba oil, Witch Hazel for toner, Beeswax and Coconut Peppermint lip balm. ( I have started to share some recipes on my blog www.kojiihelnwein.com.)

11. Where were you born? What brought you to LA?
I was born in Dublin, Ireland. Originally, I came out to LA for a boy. When that relationship ended I returned every six months or so just for fun. Then I met my husband who was also traveling between LA and Ireland so we started our travels together for work. There’s is only so far you can take a career in the Arts and Entertainment Industry in Ireland so it made more sense to throw ourselves into the thick of it here in LA. Now we spend Winter/Spring in LA and Summer/Fall in Ireland – the best of both worlds.

12. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
I am totally addicted to Coconut Milk, Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream. I could eat buckets of that stuff in one sitting.

13. Where do you like to dance?
I used to love a good boogie at Bar 107 in DTLA, especially when DJ Morgan from Devil’s Night is spinning. In Dublin, I’m likely to be dancing up a storm at Whelan’s on Wexford Street. However, these days, I don’t get out to dance as much as I’d like to, so I mostly dance around my loft with my baby in the arms and my six year old daughter by my side which is tons more fun.

14. what is your idea of a perfect weekend?
My perfect weekend would be on Saturday with a family cuddle in the bed followed by a big breakfast of homemade blueberry crepes and fresh fruits. Dancing around the kitchen with the kids to the Beatles, Jackson 5 or Stevie Wonder at top volume is a must. Then a family bike ride at the beach or an afternoon of swimming at the pool would be divine. Afterwards we’d have a yummy family dinner at our favourite sushi restaurant Oomasa, in Little Tokyo or District BBQ on East 3rd Street. After dinner we’d top the night off getting the kids to bed with story-time and lullabies. Leaving a sitter in charge, my husband and I would then head out on my bike and his skateboard to one of our local bars to see some friends or out on the motorcycle to see a band play or an art show with friends.
Sunday – More family cuddle time in bed! More yummy breakfast and dancing. Then have a lazy day on a blanket at the park with a picnic while the kids and our dog let loose under the trees with their toes in the grass. Top the evening off with some home made lemonade, fresh baguette, buffalo mozzarella, goats cheeses, delicious tomatoes, for caprese goodness and settle down on the couch for a family movie.

15. How do you like to spend your free time?
I think that pretty much covers it. In my free time I surround myself with Family, Music, Art and Good Food.

Photography by Lily Flores

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  1. Hey Kojii! thanks for the shout out! :)
    Ironically, I have the exact same vintage sheer lace bustier dress you have hanging on your mannequin! Such a beauty! You have great taste! ;)

    Mama Stone Vintage

  2. Kojii says:

    Sure thing :) You are so welcome.

    omg that’s an awesome coincidence on the dress! I don’t even know where I found that piece.

    I hope that wonderful store of yours is selling tons :)


  3. Kazz says:

    I’m in love …

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