This past Sunday was just one of those perfect days. My boyfriend and I drove to New Port and took his families boat out where we saw dolphins, seals, and enjoyed the sunny beautiful day together. The day continued to get even better when we decided to stop for Chinese food and then headed home listening to The Hunger Games on tape. When we got home we were exhausted and got into bed when it was still light outside. Cut to several hours later around midnight, my boyfriend says, “I wish we had something.” That ‘something’ has been known to mean dessert in our house for some time now, and then all of a sudden a light went off in my head that I had this very special jar full of deliciousness waiting for me in the kitchen. Meet KISS, Keep It Simply Sweet.

Within 15 minutes I had prepared the most delicious homemade (wink, wink) cookies. When they were finished, I placed them on a dish, poured a glass of almond milk, and served them to my love in bed. It couldn’t have been more perfect and I will most definitely be stalking my shelves with a few jars of KISS treats for more impromptu baking. Not to mention, these KISS jars make fantastic gifts as well as party favors.

The directions are beyond simple. Add the ingredients in the jar with one egg, butter, and the vanilla extract is optional (but well worth it). Within just a handful of minutes you have your dough. Just a few minutes to place on the baking tray and 12-15 minutes in the oven. A small jar is $12 which makes a dozen, and the large is $18 which makes two dozen. These make wonderful gifts and party favors, and I love that you can pick your color scheme for the labels. Also, note that the jars are handmade to order and NOT shelved.

You can visit KISS here where you can browse around and find the right jar for you. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Keep it simply sweet! Xo, Erin

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  1. r choices. thank you beheaded for another rare look into the home and life of others, so interesting!olo says:

    love the way they looked when they were done, great idea! simple! everyone should have one of those in the closet for a fast fix. Love you! and your great ideas!

  2. Amy Hanson says:

    They come out amazing. I did a Christmas version for co-workers and friends last year. Total HIT and they were so easy to make.

    Love your diversity in inspiring posts.

  3. hollye florio says:

    I just kind of stumbled onto this site and it is so cool. I’m afraid I’m addicted now! haha This piece though was sooooo nice. Way to promote some sweet love and romance! Keep the these good recipes commin! :)

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