Arriving at Kelly’s front door may have been one of the warmest welcomes I have ever encountered. As she walked towards us glowing in a long Summer dress her beautiful dog Bella followed closely and cheerfully. She then walked us inside where her gorgeous husband was relaxing on the couch, the back door left open with a perfect breeze coming through, Bella sprawled across the couch with the sun perfectly gleaming down on her. I was immediately in love with the home Kelly and Keith created together, it felt like such a complete little family, so full love. One if the most surprising things I learned about Kelly and Keith was how often they are both abroad for work. I never would have imagined a home could be so comfortable and homey with being out of town so often, but it just goes to show you that home is where the heart is.

Meet Kelly Furano. She launched True Religion brand jeans and served as the Vice President of Global Sales and Merchandising for the last 8 years.  Her husband Keith Eshelman works at Toms as the VP of International Marketing.  Kelly describes her closet as being, “eclectic and very much representative of her life: 250 days a year on the road.” She spends weeks at a time in Milan, London, Berlin, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Toronto and Mexico city so most of her purchases are made abroad with comfort and optimal layering in mind. While playing in Kelly’s closet I came across a handful of onesies which I have to say was so much fun and very unique to Kelly’s closet. She has an incredible collection, from Missoni and Paul and Joe, to Matthew Williamson. Kelly’s closet is undoubtedly one to envy.

1. Favorite thing to do in LA?
For the last 8 years I have lived in hotel rooms all over the world.  Countless hours of the middle-of-the-night jet lag induced lonely thoughts to think about home.  What I love most about LA is that it’s home. I have scoured the planet in search of the most incredible people, cultural experiences, cuisine, landscape, clothing, hotels, beauty…I have concluded that nothing beats Venice Beach, my sanctuary.  My favorite thing to do when I’m home?  WTC (walk to coffee) with Keith and Bella (GTA americano w/ almond milk),  morning surf check with Keith and Bella, hot yoga (at Hot 8 Yoga to kill the jet lag), catch up with my friend’s at our monthly Dinner Club gathering (third Thursday of every month we get together and talk about food, life and love.

2. Favorite keepsake given to you by a family member?
Keith proposed to me with an exquisite emerald cut diamond given to him by his grandmother. The diamond was from her own engagement ring that she wore in her 50+ years of marriage to Keith’s grandfather. She took the ring off her finger and gave it to Keith when he told his family he was going to propose to me.  Keith, knowing I have an opinion about everything gave me the diamond and told me to build the ring of my dreams.

3. If you could raid any closet, whose would it be?
My girlfriend Samantha Traina has the most incredible personal style of anyone I know.

4. Favorite read?
Hunger Games rocked my world and Five Love Languages of Love by Gary Champman is an incredible book and resource for improving all relationships.

5. What is the one thing you regret not purchasing?
Celine Phantom bag with neon trim from SS/12

6. How do you like to spend your free time?
Surfing in Tavarua with my best friends.

7. Are you currently saving up for something you’ve been eyeing?
I am ridiculously impulsive about everything I do so when it comes to clothing it can be dangerous.  If I love it, I will move hell and earth to make sure it makes it’s way into my life (wardrobe).  Thankfully because I travel so much I am able to snag hard-to-find items before they hit the US market.  I have little patience for sitting out the season to wait for sale time unfortunately.

8.  What are your ingredients for creating a perfect outfit?
Being comfortable is of utmost importance to me.  I pride myself on being able to get ready in 20 minutes but this requires having one versatile garment that serve as a foundation for the entire outfit (i.e. a dress or one-piece jumpsuit).  For work I have to wear denim, so in my personal life I embrace any opportunity to wear a dress.  I usually layer on a blazer, leather jacket, or sweater depending on whether I want to dress it up or down.  Accessories are the last thing I consider.  One area where I am willing to sacrifice comfort is with shoes.  I love a platform, a wedge or a 4-inch heel any day of the week.   I am also a sucker for outerwear.  Born and raised in California, I have a rare aversion to cold.  I spend most of the winter in Europe where I get to bust out the vintage fur…so decadent but fabulous.

9. How do you like to see a man dress?
Keith has always had incredible natural style.  I love him in Levis a white tee shirt, classic.

10. Favorite accessory?
Colorful nail polish (Essie “ole’caliente”, my favorite ), pink lipstick (funny face by Nars), my mini black woven leather Madras Prada bag.

11. Most flattering jeans?
Halle Fit mid rise skinny denim leggings by True Religion Brand Jeans.

Photography by Erin Chiamulon and Lily Flores

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  1. LOVE these shots. You are a truely talented photographer Lily. I love her flowy white dress shots. Great loft too. xoxo

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  3. Mindy Furano says:

    You are so fabulous and interesting. Love this so much.
    I hope we are related!
    - One Furano to another.

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