Meet actress and director Alanna Masterson. The lucky only girl born to the all male Masterson Irish clan, Alanna sure has all the sisterly protection anyone could ask for from her four handsome brothers: Danny, Chris, Will, and Jordan. This week Alanna shared her adorable home with us here at Bheaded. It is filled with art (a collector like her brothers), posters, and wall to wall bookshelves.

Alanna has a confident and eclectic sense of style. She knows exactly how to mix and match her staples, from JCrew button ups to her Proenza dresses.  I envy her wide array of socks as she has quite the collection from, The Sock Man (note to self next time I’m on the East Coast)!

1. What are your ingredients for creating a perfect outfit?
I always dress everything down, to everyone’s dismay. I love baggy t-shirts with a tight skirt. Or a sexy dress with cute boots and socks.

2. What items in your closet you can’t live without?
My jean jacket, JCrew men’s button downs, long sleeve Proenza Schouler dress, and my cashmere sweaters. I collect them from my mom.

3. If you could come back as one of histories fashion icons who would it be?
Charlie Chaplin! I love bow ties and button downs. I wear lots of those with cute skirts.

4. Sweetest or most sentimental gift a BF gave you?
My boyfriend took me to Disneyland for our first date. Then to France for our 2nd one. That’s pretty sweet, right?

5. What is the one thing you regret not purchasing?
A black vintage Spanish style dress from Shareen’s. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

6. Cowboys or Indians?
Indians! Pocahontas is my favorite Disney movie.

7. How do you like spending your free time?
Cooking and watching the food network. My girlfriend Haylie has a blog, Real Girl’s Kitchen that is wonderful. I also love getting my daily entertainment dose at Hellogiggles.

8. Are you currently saving up for something special?
I want a really sexy pair of black high heels that I will probably wear once…

9. What trend would you never be caught wearing?
High waisted jeans. Not flattering with…um…the girls up here.

10. What outfit/clothing do you like your guy to wear?
JCrew men’s button downs, and APC raw denim jeans. I also love collecting the recycled APC’s from my man, and tailoring them to fit me!

11. Favorite accessory?
Vanessa Mooney necklaces, and a diamond bangle I from my best friend on her wedding. And, of course, socks! I get mine from The Sock Man and also from Kiddy Land in Harajuku Japan.

Photos by Lily Flores


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