The first time I met Jenni was in N.Y.C. Our introduction was brief, but when our paths crossed again in Los Angeles through mutual friends, we became fast friends. When I met Erik, Jenni’s fiancé I knew he would be that perfect second half, and that he is. They are best friends and make a beautiful team.

Jenni is a fantastic cook. She makes the best vegan cookies I have ever tasted. One night she brought a bag of them over to my house and we devoured them in just one sitting in disbelief that they were vegan.  I love going over to her place for dinner. Everything from her pizzas, mashed cauliflower, and her guacamole sprinkled with pomegranate seeds is delicious (Erik is one lucky guy!)

Jenni is a publicist in Los Angeles. She specializes in actors and musicians. Erik is an acclaimed Rock photographer and a new media director shooting everything from music video, behind the scenes footage, and epks for corporations like Coca Cola and Amway. Erik’s photography here!

1. Tea or Coffee?
Erik: Coffee at least 3 a day. I ever ask for what I want when I go to my local spot. They already know.
Jenni: Always coffee. Best coffee in LA is Kings Road if you like a strong brew,  second best coffee is Teuscher in Beverly Hills, so so good.

2. Naked or Lingerie?
Erik: Depends on the lingerie.
Jenni: Naked, but depends on the situation always.

3. Favorite camera?
Erik: Leica or iPhone. Leica because they are amazing yet simplistic and iphone because what else do I need to say, it’s the iPhone.
Jenni: Pentax k1000 or Polaroid 600 – the Pentax is an amazing film camera which was the first thing I learned on, Polaroid 6000 because of the instant gratification in the best of both worlds; film you can see right away.

4. Favorite movie?
Erik: Breakfast Club, Bigger Longer and Uncut, the South Park Movie.
Jenni: The Shawshank Redemption AND Farris Bueller’s Day Off and One Crazy Summer.

5. Favorite Quote? 
Erik: “If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.”

6. What’s in your purse.
Jenni: Always a point and shoot camera, medicated Chapstick, Blackberry, day planner (I still hand-write everything down), a mini Moleskin journal case ( I see something I like and want to remind myself about later), a bright red leather change purse my grandma gave me that’s 45 years old and has been all over the world.

7. Favorite book? 
Erik: 48 Laws of Power, and Inferno by James Nachtwey
Jenni: A Confederacy of Dunces and Catcher in the Rye

8. Favorite shoot and/or shooting location? 
Erik: Baghdad (2006), it was a life changer.

9. Favorite Birthday present ever received? 
Erik: Motorcycle when I was 13.
Jenni: My childhood horse star when I was 10.

10. Favorite museum or exhibit? 
Erik: A Day in Country Impression in the French landscape LACMA 1984.
Jenni: Natural History Museum in NYC. I’m so bummed I didn’t think of the film “A Night at the Museum” that would have been so rad if that could happen, and the Gaudi Museum in Barcelona.

11. Favorite vacation spot? 
Erik: Hard for me to say, I still have so much of the world to see
Jenni: Positano on the Italian Coast

12. Favorite local hang outs in LA?
Erik: Baciami on Larchmont, Starbucks on Beverly, Larchmont Farmers Market, The Roxy, my couch, Quiksilver and/or Vans in Santa Monica.
Jenni: Larchmont Farmers Market, the backyard at my house, Yogaworks Main Street, Kings Road for coffee and Bronson Island.

13. If you were stuck on an island what are the 5 things you couldn’t live without? 
Erik: My fiance, internet connection with laptop, chocolate chip cookies, a Papa Johns (so gross courtesy of Jenni) Erik “but a man has to eat!”
Jenni: Music, a few good books, a hammock, a yoga mat, a masseuse, and apples (and Erik if I can bring someone to keep me company).

14. Favorite photographers? 
ErikJames Nachtwey, Larry Clark, Herb Ritts
JenniDiane Arbus, Lauren Greenfield and Helmut Newton

15. What items in your closet can’t you live without? 
Erik: My John Varvatos Chuck Taylors, Quicksilver jeans in blue and black, my Northface jacket and Goorin Brothers fedoras.
Jenni: My cashmere scarf collection, a large brim hat for when I’m in the sun, classic Chuck Taylors. I mean everyone needs a pair! Amazingly worn in denim, the perfect white tee, and some of my grandma’s vintage gold bracelets.

Photography by Lily Flores

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  1. Christian says:

    Very very very cool post! Gotta love it.. :) All those cameras – WOW!

    Follow each other with bloglovin maybe?


  2. Sophie Amiel says:

    Love them both! Read the whole blog! I like their free style living and attitude and I want all her shoes! And his socks! Thank you for the continuous and real-time address to fashion and people!

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