Meet Jessica Amento, a writer and actress from Omaha, Nebraska aka “somewhere in middle America.” With a focus in fashion  journalism, she began her career as an assistant at Who What Wear which in turn led to her current position as Editorial Manager at The Zoe Report. When not waxing poetic about wide-leg jeans and stilettos, she loves to go to shows, take road trips, tackle DIY projects and cook dinner with friends.

1. If you could go back in time in a fashion era, which one would it be?
The Renaissance! Or the ’70s.

2. If you were stuck on an island what would be the 5 items you could not live without?
My Yoga mat, iphone, keyboard, a good book and dark chocolate.

3. What style/clothing/outfit do you like your boy to wear?
I’m really not too particular about it, as long as a guy has his own sense of style and is comfortable and confident – that’s what’s attractive. Though obviously I love musicians and tend to gravitate toward rocker boys… Julian Casablancas gets it right.

4. Favorite items in your closet?
My Theodora & Callum scarves, Jennifer Behr headpieces and kimono collection.

5. Whose closet would you like to raid (man or woman)?
Erin Wasson, Coco Rocha, or Lady Gaga – how much fun would that be!

6. Coffee or Tea? And Why?
I LOVE coffee but have to limit myself to decaf and only once a week or so, otherwise things get out of hand. You don’t want to be around me after I had a shot of espresso.

7. Favorite local hang outs in LA?
The Bourgeois Pig, Harvard & Stone, and lately anywhere on the West side! So much good food over there: Gjelina, Tasting Kitchen, The Misfit

8. What magazines do you like to read?
Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Elle Décor and National Geographic.

9. What blogs do you like to follow?
La Dolce Vita (I’m a big geek for shelter blogs), Into the Gloss for beauty, Pigeons & Planes and The Scenestar for music.

10. Favorite fashion/wardrobe in a movie?
Both Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie in Labyrinth

11. In what do you feel most glamorous?
Red lipstick.

12. What beauty products do you use? What’s your routine?
I’m pretty non-committal on the beauty front because I get to try so many different and amazing products though work. That being said, there are a few things I’m very loyal too: Rodio Oilo Lusso Oil, Skyn Iceland’s Eye Relief Pen, my Clarisonic and Escentric Molecules’ Molecule 01 perfume.

13. Where do you like to dance?
Everywhere! Harvard & Stone, Bar Lubitsch and Copa de Oro are particularly great dance spots.

14. You are learning to play a musical instrument, tell me about it.
Yes! I played piano briefly when I was little and have always loved it, so last summer I invested in a keyboard and started taking lessons. I’m still very beginner but having so much fun with it. I’m inspired by everything from classical to seeing Kate Nash play live in concert – honestly she is so good and gets so into it that you feel like you shouldn’t be watching, like she is having sex with her keyboard on stage. It’s amazing.

15. What’s in your ipod right now?
Lykke Li, Lissie, the Strokes, the Mary Onettes, Stevie Nicks, the Knocks and my local favorites: Great White Buffalo and Dana Williams.

Photos by Lily Flores

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  1. Megan Amento says:

    i love all you sunglasses!!! i hope to see you soon too!!!! :)

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