Up Closet & Personal: ELIZABETH KOTT

By now, most “in-the-know” fashion fiends have been acquainted with L.A. based ClosetRich, a beautifully curated online consignment and vintage boutique. The gal behind the site is Detroit-raised, Elizabeth Kott, who conceptualized ClosetRich when she realized she was just that “Closet Rich” i.e. all her life’s investments were tied up in her wardrobe and it was time to purge!

Kott now personally visits the homes of her clients (most of whom work in the fashion industry) to help them streamline their closets. She leaves with their eye-catching castaways to sell on her site. When not playing fashion Robin Hood, Elizabeth dabbles in photography (she shoots all her images for Closet Rich herself) and moonlights as a creative brand consultant, overseeing the creative direction on projects for Roseark, Penelope and Coco, and she also works with a new mens and womens basics line, Cotton Citizen.

1.Favorite keepsake given  to you by a family member?
Scarf pillows hand sewn for me by my mom.

2. Here at home or on an adventure, do you have a memory of an amazing deal you’ve gotten?
When I was 18, I scored a pair of black Chanel flats from a consignment shop in Michigan for $38! They were barely worn, had just been put out on the floor, AND they were my size. The fashion gods were shining down on me that day and that was the instant I knew the whole buying on consignment was something I could get into.

3. What are your ingredients for creating the perfect outfit?
Anything goes when paired with sunglasses, red nails massive platforms and a smile.

4. If you could come back as one of histories fashion icon whom would it be (man or women)?
Richard Avedon

5. Was there ever a time you should have been in the FASHION POLICE Report? And what were you wearing?
Oh, yes…first day of sixth grade! I rocked a sleeveless black polo shirt with muted lime green corduroy…wait for it…overalls, chuck taylors and a yellow lands end backpack, a rather fitting look to commence middle school’s awkward phase

6. Favorite fashion/wardrobe in a movie?
Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face hands down…with Shelly Long’s Troop Beverly Hills at a very close 2nd.

7. Do you prefer a giant bag or a mini?
I’m partial to the bag in bag technique – so I always carry a small clutch packed with the essentials that I throw into a larger bag.

8. Favorite online stores?

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2 Responses to Up Closet & Personal: ELIZABETH KOTT

  1. fabian says:

    great photography!!!

  2. Anyes Greene says:

    Not only it’s my favorite page on the blog but this closet is wonderful!! What a treat!!

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