Up Closet & Personal: DIANE MARSHALL-GREEN

This week’s “Up Closet & Personal” features my stunner vixen friend, Di. (Note: I would not let my boyfriend/date too near Di or suffer the consequences)

Di’s equal parts Irish, Mexican, Italian, & Croatian. She is both a talented artist and actress. Born in Dallas, TX, raised in NY, Dallas, Miami and Upper Saddle River, NJ ┬áDi studied at the prestigious TiSCH in NYC. I first saw Di at a friend’s art show. I was immediately drawn to her style and I secretly stalked her Myspace page. Several years later we were formally introduced at a dinner. I remember her wearing a beautiful white peasant dress with booties and was so excited to meet her. We have been fast friends ever since!

1. What is the one thing you most regret not purchasing?
A vintage 80′s Norma Kamali cream tank dress from Tavin in Echo Park. It would have been an amazing wedding dress.

2. What style/clothing/outfit do you like boys to wear?
I like a rakish man, who dresses well but carelessly, Luxe fabrics but easy. Always with a 5 o’clock shadow.

3. Favorite online stores?
I love Planet Blue online. I just bought a see-through lace skirt that looks vintage. They have great dresses from their house line Blu Moon and Daughters of the Revolution.

4. Lingerie or naked?
It depends…

5. Any past trends/fashion you regret wearing?
Spray tans. No more, never again.

6. In what do you feel most glamorous?
In love. Also, diamonds & red lipstick.

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